The Brett Cohen Band - Five Long Years - Live at The Coach House (Blues)

Michael Grimm and Brett Cohen - Neon Moon - Live at Club Fortune Casino

Brett Cohen - Winning Submission to Fender G Dec Contest (Variety)

Michael Grimm and Band - Fooled Around and Fell in Love

Brett Cohen, Wickett Pickett, Alex David, and Mychael Pollard - Funk Jam


Failing Sun - So Long (Rock)

Michael Mandella and the Cold Steel Wheel - Hell House (Country/Southern Rock)

The Brett Cohen Band - Big Love Official Video (Blues/Classic Rock)

The Brett Cohen Band - I Just Want To Get You Home - Official Video (Southern Blues)


Brett Cohen - G Dec Submission Outtake (Blues/Rock)

Travis Allen (featuring Brett Cohen) - Demo Reel (Elvis Tribute)

Chase Walker (featuring Brett Cohen on Bass) - Texas Flood - Live at The Pitstop (Blues)



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